How Gerard Saliot gave the tourism of South Asia-Pacific a massive boost

A name which resonates well in the tourism industry of South Asia and Pacific is that of Louis Gerard Saliot. He has been instrumental in working in tourism projects of Indonesia, Bali, Tahiti and West Papua.

Before coming in the tourism and hospitality industry, Mr Saliot has worked in the real-estate industry for 25 years. His experience in the real estate industry was an influential factor in his inclination towards developing infrastructural projects. Infrastructure is essential to attract international tourist and facilities like world-class hotels and resort are equally crucial as the scenic beauty of a place.

In 1994, he started the Euro-Asia Management Group which helped in developing projects like Four Seasons resort in Bora Bora of Tahiti; hotel, leisure and sports centre in Jakarta and Waisai dive resort project in West Papua.

The four seasons resort is a luxury resort located at Motu tehotu on the island of Bora Bora. Four Seasons hotels and resorts, Toronto awarded the “Euro Asia Hotel Contract” for the procurement and logistics of 100% of the FF&E for the 100 over-water bungalows, private luxury villas and public areas.

In Jakarta, Gerard Saliot with the help of his company EAMG helped in the development of luxury hotels of 500-600 rooms, sports facilities, entertainment arena and shopping complex. While in Waisai dive resort project in West Papua, the project was completed in 9 months inclusive of design development, logistics and fabrications at the Surabaya factory.

It is one of the qualities of Mr Saliot that he when he develops tourism of a country, he doesn’t forget the welfare of ordinary people. As he developed these projects, the ordinary people got a massive boost through employment opportunities.

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